Welcome to an extraordinary fusion of training designed to reduce your risk of exposure to violent crime over your lifespan!

Our goal is simple: To keep you safe!


Since we began training students in self defense and martial arts in 2009, White Tiger Kempo, LLC has been helping students become better prepared to take physical action if necessary to stay safe.  Much of today's violent crime, however, could be avoided if we know what puts us at increased risk of becoming a crime victim and we make the choices that reduce our risk.  

Our Kempo Self Defense System provides critical steps students take to reduce their chances of being a target of crime or violence  to begin with while learning how to escape if finding themselves in harm's way.

Our Staff

Clark George

Karen George

Unique Blend of Training in                       One Class!

Our Family of Instructors           

                     Clark George

                     Karen George

                     Guest Instructor, Jenna George 

an Integrated personal safety, self defense, & martial arts system

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