The Kempo Self Defense System was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn how to avoid most encounters with crime and violence, but should be as well prepared as possible to escape danger if necessary.


Over the past five years, our instructors have helped students reduce their risk of exposure to crime and violence as well as improve their ability to get away as quickly and safely as possible should the need arise.  As a result of knowing what to avoid and what to do to keep safe, students are less likely to be a target of crime and violence in the first place.


About Us


"If you want to learn traditional, practical martial arts with a modern twist look no further than White Tiger Kempo with Clark and Karen George.  Expect to work hard for each rank you attain as you progress towards first degree black belt and beyond.  You will receive great instruction in a fantastic style that can trace its roots back to Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, and China."

Carmen S.

Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Retired 2006

"I learn a lot in this class and some of the moves are great to know for High School.  It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me."

Ali M.

HighSchool Student

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  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for Women 4 Hour Program
  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for Teens 4 Hour Program
  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for College Students 4 Hour Program
  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for Seniors 4 Hour Program
  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for Working People 4 Hour Program
  • Personal Safety and Self Defense for Families Private 4 Hour Program
  • Kempo Self Defense for Teens to Seniors (8 classes per month ongoing)
  • Kempo Self Defense After School Program (8 classes per month ongoing)
  • White Tiger Kempo Training for Rank Certification (8 classes per month ongoing)

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Our Family of Instructors           

                     Clark George

                     Karen George

                     Guest Instructor, Jenna George 

an Integrated personal safety, self defense, & martial arts system

About Our Instructors

Classes are taught by husband and wife team, Clark and Karen George, with more than 35  years of combined experience in Martial Arts and Self Defense.  The Georges trained together as a family with their daughter Jenna who has also been teaching for 10 years.  All three are active members of the Karate Association of America and long term students of the Kempo Martial Arts White Tiger System.  

Clark George trained in Shotokan for several years before being introduced to the Kempo Martial Arts White Tiger System. Clark was awarded his 4th degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Richard Fescina, 9th Dan and Professor Nicholas Bruno 8th Dan, the founders of the Kempo Martial Arts White Tiger Kempo System (more information about Grand Master Fescina, Professor  Bruno and their White Tiger Kempo System can be found at  When competing Clark was rated a top national competitor by the KRANE Organization in adult Black Belt Divisions.  

Karen George was awarded her 3rd degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Fescina and Professor Bruno.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with several years of public and private school teaching in addition to sports coaching experience at the junior high and high school levels.  Before training in martial arts, Karen also spent ten years of her career in a business capacity where she completed hundreds of work environment surveys at various companies and also trained over a thousand employees to improve their productivity using the company's office automation training programs.  

Jenna George was awarded her 2nd degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Fescina and Professor Bruno. Jenna holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Counselor Education with many years of experience as a competitor and teacher of martial arts and self defense.  When competing, Jenna was co-captain of the New York State Championship Demonstration Team, and an individual competitor in forms, self defense, and weapons. 

Clark, Karen, and Jenna have served as official judges for KRANE rated events, including Black Belt divisions of all ages.  Their judging experience includes rating students of a variety of martial arts systems, self defense skills, and weapons handling techniques. All are listed on the Kajukenbo family tree under Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, the founder of Kajukenbo.

About the Training We Provide

The Personal Safety portion of our training is based on statistics that show the majority of crime and violence can be prevented.  We train our students in five critical areas to help them steer clear of trouble before they would be in a situation where self defense would be necessary.  

The Self Defense portion of our training is based on the concept that the best self defense is not to be in the situation to begin with . . . but if you end up in harm's way, be prepared with the techniques that are known to work as quickly and effectively as possible.  We also help students individually be better equipped to defend themselves taking into consideration the differences among attackers, attacks, and the capabilities of the student.   We help student to be in the best condition possible and be practiced to execute techniques effectively with one goal:  to escape to safety!

The White Tiger Kempo Martial Arts portion of our training has roots in both the art of Kempo (also Kenpo) dating back to the Shaolin temple in China and the art of Kajukenbo originating in the Palamas Settlement on Oahu, Hawaii.  The White Tiger Kempo System continues to evolve using the Kempo System as its core training and using the Kajukenbo philosophy (Ka-karate kicking techniques, ju = hand grab escapes of Judo and Ju-jitsu, ken = hand strikes of Kenpo, and bo = the boxing techniques of Chinese boxing), incorporating the 'best of best' techniques among many arts.  White Tiger Kempo utilizes the "five animal system" movements of tiger, leopard, snake, crane, and dragon allowing the martial artist to draw from a variety of techniques depending on the situation.  Most importantly, White Tiger Kempo can be applied by everyone regardless of age, strength, or flexibility.  The techniques can be modified and kept practical for self defense.

Our Kempo Self Defense System is a fusion of these three disciplines:  Personal Safety, Self Defense, and the very eclectic Martial Art of White Tiger Kempo!

"Everything you learn here can be used in a real scenario."

Ryan B.

HighSchool Student

"Great workout, excellent instruction . . . Clark and Karen are the best!  Professional and fun!"

Forrest R.

"Excellent for self defense techniques, very practical, Builds strength, stamina, and confidence."

Eugene B.

"Very fun classes."

Matthew M

High School Student.

"Great class!  Good material - very useful self defense.  Good ratio of student to instructor."

Gene O.

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